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mattress furm – The term ‘mattress foam manufacturer’ does not often appear in conversation. Due to this unfortunate fact, the majority of individuals do not know that this industry offers many advanced materials to enhance the comfort and feel of their standard mattress.

This product is most often used on luxury items, for example floatation gear on yachts and boats. Having a density ranging between a few pounds a cubic feet, this material is extremely resilient and buoyant, which makes it perfect for sea faring vessels.

This type of material is more popularly called memory foam. ‘Visco’ is a shortened version of viscoelasticity, which means that the product exhibits characteristics of both viscosity and elasticity at the same moment. Viscous substances are highly resistant to any change, and elastic substances easily revert back to their original shape. This very dense material is proven to conform to the user’s shape, which makes it one of the most unique, yet comfortable materials in the marketplace today. Almost every mattress foam manufacturer provides products made from this kind of material.


Gel is another tremendously useful, yet often overlooked substance. It’s notorious for assisting cool the body using its promotion of airflow and ability to dissipate body heat. Support and balance are also one of its most desired features, and also the high degree of stress relief it offers is vital for any good night’s sleep.


One of the primary products on the mattress marketplace, latex is the longest durable foam material, boasting a lifetime of 20 years. Latex products are known for being of excellent quality. Since this product is extremely immune to allergens, latex is also great for people who suffer with allergies. It protects against mold, mites, and a lot of other dangerous organisms.

There is a good variety to choose from in regards to mattress foam. Bear in mind, the products listed above are just some of the numerous options to choose from. You’re likely not going to bring up this topic in mild dialog anytime soon, but understanding how many choices you have out there is guaranteed to be beneficial.

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